Abdominal Flattening Foam Board
Abdominal Flattening Foam Board

Abdominal Flattening Foam Board

Shaper Lynn
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Style 9020 

This abdominal board covers the upper and lower area of your abdomen and helps you to improve the results of your post op recovery process. Using this foam board right after your lipo or tummy tuck, you will prevent the appearance of skin folds and will get a flat and smooth stomach.

Improves the results of your Tummy Tuck or Lipo surgery!

Provides just the necessary compression for any post op stage.

Keeps your abdomen smooth and flat, prevents the appearance of skin folds.

Main Benefits:

  • MAKE YOUR SURGERY WORTH IT: This board will definitely help you to improve your liposuction or tummy tuck! By using it in the recovery process you will reduce swelling and prevent creasing appearance from the use of the compression garment.
  • GREAT DEVICE DESIGN: It is nice, sturdy and has a perfect thick size to use under your faja without moving over. It is quite large to help you stand up straighter and so comfortable that you can wear it 24 hours a day.
  • IDEAL FOR POST OP RECOVERY: Provides just the necessary compression for any post op stage to help accelerate healing, reduce swelling and bloating. This board will notably decrease pain and bother during your recovery.
  • BEST MATERIALS FOR SENSITIVE AREAS: This table has the durability and hardness needed for a great compression, but is soft and smooth enough so it won’t irritate or hurt your incision. Fast-drying external lining that avoids bacteria spreading.
  • MAKE YOUR SHAPE LOOK AMAZING: This device works fantastically by keeping everything in its right place. You can wear it daily with firm shapewear garments, it’s just invisible under your clothes!

Main Features

  • Measures: 11 In. x 12 In.
  • Covers the upper and lower abdomen area.
  • Keeps the abdomen smooth and flat while healing process.
  • Avoids swelling and minimize skin creasing appearance.
  • Internal content: 100% flexi-sole.
  • External lining: 93% polyester, 7% elastane.

Measure the waist and hips and look for the measurements on the size chart.

If both measurements do not match for the same, select always the biggest for better comfort.

Remember! When you first try your faja on, you might think it’s too small... If you did choose your size by following this guide, feel free of stretching it strongly, it won't be too small!


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